We are a collective of travellers from around the world who aim to unite and empower the youth through music, art, play and performance.

In early 2019 we set off in convoy from Europe, through North and West Africa until we arrived in Guinea Bissau for the annual carnival of cultures. The experience was tremendous, please watch our documentary to see some of it. The great success and positive will that we felt as a result of our efforts leads us to seek to grow the work we do.

We are planning projects and convoys across West Africa and are working with African partners.

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Thank Yous!

Bissau Carnival Association, I Science, Jally Kebba Susso, Alegria Bafata, My Bad Sister, IRD, Dead Dog Disco, Disturbass, High Rise Rubber, Team Playground, Vicx, Llao, Roslyn, Merlin, Toma, Biggins, Avi, Al, Max, Gabriella, Daniele, Davide, Kola, Ambra, Alessia, Rob, Morgan, Raffaele, Mikele, Grim, Dale, Alage, Danielson, and all the friends we made along the way.